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Financial Dashboard

Your Financial Dashboard

Business Intelligence At Your Fingertips

It's important to obtain the right financial reports in order to continually make adjustments and better decisions for the future health of your business. However, the data is usually too complex to comprehend, making it difficult for anyone without accounting expertise to gain useful, actionable information.

With our awesome looking Dashboard, Redwood delivers you the virtual accounting insight and analysis you need through easy-to-understand financial information. These include graphical displays of your accounting softwares financial information that's accessible any time you need it. Your financial dashboard provides you with financial benchmarking through graphs and charts on accounts receivable, accounts payable, income statement and balance sheet metrics. It also makes sense of more complex budgeting and forecasting reports and ratios.

To manage your business, you need relevant financial data that's delivered in real time. Redwood's financial dashboards are automatically updated daily to provide the most productive and effective technology to enhance your virtual accounting experience.

Redwood now offers you the following financial dashboard services
  • -   Highest standards of design, ease-of-use and conformance with accounting standards.
  • -   QuickBooks or any other accounting softwares data is available through automated exports.
  • -   Provides great features and seamless integration with the system to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • -   The expertise of the Redwood team along with intelligent dashboards we can quickly and easily turn accounting information into business insight.
  • -   Redwood dashboard is viewable by unlimited users at no additional cost.